Idea: A tool for work session and timeboxing

I've been looking for a tool like this for quite a long time, a tool that we could:

  1. Set the working session: Because you don't want to overwork and forgot to drink water, or talk to your family member (if you are WFH), it's good to set a working session for half an hour or maybe 2 hours, after that time you can get your ass up and talk to someone.
  2. Timeboxing with notifications: None of the tool I found can easily do this, the closest one is using Emacs agenda with some extra config to throw a notification maybe 5 minutes before the task begin, and 5 mintues before the task end (deadline).
  3. Keep track of your work: It should have the ability to let you go back, see what you have done and maybe produce a diagram/chart to show your productivity.

Should I config my Emacs to do so, or roll my own tool?

Date: 2019-06-02 Sun 00:00

Author: Huy Tran

Created: 2019-06-19 Wed 01:22